Which intake is ideal for Canada in terms of timing, universities, and admissions criteria?

Which intake is ideal for Canada in terms of timing, universities, and admissions criteria?

For international students looking for an educational experience and career opportunities, Canada is a top choice.International students are drawn to Canada by its highly regarded educational institutions and thriving job market. Which intake is best for you may be a concern if you intend to study in Canada. For Canada, September intake is ideal for a number of reasons.

This blog post will go into great detail about the September intake, its schedule, universities, and admission requirements.

What is the intake for September?

The most well-liked intake for foreign students in Canada is September, also referred to as the Fall intake. Classes typically start in the first or second week of September, and the semester lasts until December. Most students prefer the September intake because it coincides with the start of the academic year at most universities and offers a wider range of programme options.

The September intake schedule

The process for the September intake at Canadian universities can differ from one institution to the next. However, the typical schedule that most universities adhere to is as follows:

  • Applications: The application period for the September intake typically opens in September of the preceding year and closes in February or March.
  • Acceptance: Between March and May is when universities typically send out acceptance letters.
  • After receiving an acceptance letter, international students can apply for a study permit, which can take up to 90 days to process.
  • Arrival in Canada: A few weeks before the start of classes, in early August or early September, international students typically arrive in Canada.
Timeline For September Intake Things to Do
April – August Research and analyze the available study options
September – November Prepare and attempt tests
November – January Fill out application form
January – February Reply to college email and responses
March – April Settle your finances

Best Universities for September Admission

Numerous prestigious universities in Canada provide a variety of programmes for international students. Here are a few of the top colleges accepting students in September.

  1. Toronto University: One of Canada’s top universities, Toronto University offers over 700 undergraduate and graduate programmes. The university, which has three campuses in Toronto, is renowned for its research-heavy programmes.
  2. University of British Columbia: Located in Vancouver and Kelowna, the University of British Columbia is a public research university. It is renowned for putting a strong emphasis on sustainability and offers over 300 undergraduate and graduate programmes.
  3. One of the oldest institutions in Canada is McGill University, a French research university in Montréal. It is renowned for the calibre of its research and offers over 300 programmes in numerous fields. University of Waterloo: Located in Waterloo, Ontario, the University of Waterloo is a public research university. It is renowned for its co-op programmes, which give students the chance to advance their technical expertise in a variety of career fields and give back to the neighbourhood.
  4. Western University is a public research university with its headquarters in London, Ontario. It is renowned for its work in the medical sciences and offers more than 400 undergraduate and graduate programmes.

Conditions for Admission for the September Intake

Universities and programmes in Canada may have different admission standards for the September intake.However, there are a few standard requirements that the majority of universities have:

  • Academic transcripts: You must provide official transcripts of your high school or university grades.
  • English Language Proficiency: International students must prove their English language proficiency by submitting their TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE test results.
  • Standardised Tests: You might be required by some programmes to submit your GRE,GMAT, or SAT test results.
  • Letter of Intent: You might be required to submit a letter of intent or statement of purpose outlining your motivations for applying to the programme and your professional aspirations.
  • Recommendation Letters: You might be required to submit recommendation letters from professors or employers by some programmes.
  • Application Fee: When you submit your application, you must pay an application fee.


The most well-liked intake for foreign students in Canada is in September. It provides a wide range of programme options and corresponds with the majority of universities’ academic year. You should begin your application process around September of the previous year if you intend to study in Canada.

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