A Complete Guide for Indian Students: May 2023 Intake in the UK

A Complete Guide for Indian Students: May 2023 Intake in the UK

Given that the UK is home to some of the greatest academic institutions in the world, studying there is a dream for many Indian students. Although the September intake is the most popular option, students who might have missed applying for the earlier intakes still have a wonderful opportunity with the May intake. We will thoroughly outline the May 2023 intake in the UK in this blog, including the timetable, available universities, the application process, and the necessary paperwork. We will also discuss the advantages of selecting the May intake and the significance of consulting study-abroad advisers for advice.

United Kingdom intakes

Three intakes are accepted by UK universities and colleges: January/February, September, and April/May. While the majority of universities offer courses for the September intake, students have an alternative to the May Intake Universities In Uk.

The allowed intakes and related admission months are broken down as follows:

  • January/February intake: June and September are when applications are accepted.
  • Applications were taken in February and May for the September intake.
  • Applications are accepted from January through February for the April/May intake, while some universities start accepting them in October or November.

Timeline for the Summer 2024 UK Intake:

Planning and adhering to deadlines is essential when applying for the May intake. The following timetable gives a broad summary of the application procedure:

  1. Discover universities and programs of interest: August–September.
  2. September to October are the months to study for needed exams.
  3. Gather the required paperwork between October and November.
  4. Applications should be sent between November and February to top universities.
  5. Applied institutions are expected to respond between February and March.
  6. March–April is the time to apply for a student visa.
  7. Purchase airline tickets to the UK in April and May, before the start of the May intake.

Note: The above-mentioned timeframe is susceptible to change based on various course deadlines established by distinct UK institutions.

Student Visa Application Process for May 2024 Intake (Summer):

Students should start planning their applications for the May intake a year in advance. There are several ways to obtain student visas:

  1. August through September: program research and university selection.
  2. September through October are preparation months for course-specific requirements.
  3. assemble the required paperwork between October and November for application.
  4. Apply to the universities of your choice between November and February.
  5. Applied institutions should respond between February and March.
  6. Obtain an offer letter from the institution of your choice.

March through April: planning a trip and getting a student visa.

Top Universities for UK Admission in May 2024

Although there may be fewer alternatives available for the May intake than for previous intakes, several major UK universities nevertheless offer degrees during this time. The following universities are listed for students to review:

  1. University of Coventry
  2. Western University of London
  3. School of Bedfordshire
  4. College of Greenwich
  5. College of Chester
  6. Roehampton University in London

How do I apply in the UK for the May intake?

The main distinction between the May intake application process and previous intakes is the timing of the applications. For precise deadlines and available courses, students should frequently check the websites of their respective universities. They can use the university’s application online to submit their applications directly, or they can consult with education experts who offer professional assistance throughout the application process.

Required Documents for Admission to UK Universities:

While each university may have different documentation needs, the following are some typical ones:

  1. Academic transcripts for classes you’ve taken in the past.
  2. IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, and other measures of English language competency.
  3. SOP, or statement of purpose.
  4. LOR, or a letter of recommendation.
  5. Resume.

Why Do You Want May Intake?

1. Flexibility:

The May intake gives you more options for when to start your studies. The May intake gives you the option to start your program at a different time of the year than the customary September intake, which is the most typical intake in the UK. This may be advantageous if you are unable to begin in September due to obligations or other limitations.

2. Fewer competitors:

There might be less competition for open places because the May intake is less well-liked than the September intake. Your chances of being accepted into your top university or program may rise as a result.

3. Programme accessibility:

The May intake frequently has a smaller selection of programs while the September intake typically has a larger selection. However, if the program you are interested in is only offered in the May intake, this can work to your benefit. It enables you to enroll in the course of your choice without having to wait for the following academic year.

4. Networking Possibilities:

Comparing the May intake to the larger September intake, there are frequently fewer students in the May intake. You may get the chance to establish more solid relationships and networks with your lecturers and peers as a result. You might also have better access to resources and more individualized attention from faculty members with fewer pupils.

5. Time to Get Ready:

You have extra time to be ready for your studies if you choose the May intake. The additional months between the application deadline and the commencement of the program can be helpful in terms of planning and organization if you need to apply for a student visa, book flights, or find housing.


Successful admission to a UK institution needs careful planning, extensive study, and on-time application submission. By receiving advice from a study abroad counselor, you can significantly improve your chances of making a successful application.

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