Medical examination report for Canadian Immigration

Medical examination report for Canadian Immigration

All dependents, including those who are not traveling to Canada with the lead applicant, must go through the immigration Medical Examination and acquire a medical report. All of the applicant’s dependents must meet the health requirements for the application to be eligible.

The applicant and all dependents must be free from any conditions that endanger public health or create an undue burden on the Canadian healthcare system to be eligible for permanent residence in Canada. As soon as the person submits their application for Canadian permanent residency, this condition becomes mandatory.

How long is a medical report for Canadian immigration valid?

This favorable report is valid for a year from the date of the medical evaluation if you pass the physical and are not rejected due to health reasons. Regardless of whether the examination was conducted abroad or in Canada, this validity period applies to both.

You and your dependents must have the examination again to continue to be eligible if the validity period has ended—more than 12 months have passed since you took the medical examination. This is one of the benefits of performing the exam after the file has been processed. If the processing time is more than 12 months, a preliminary test may expire.

Why is a medical examination required for admission to Canada?

If your stay will last no more than six months, no medical checkup is necessary.

However, if you want to work in a profession where maintaining the public’s health is crucial, you must undergo a medical checkup. For further information, please go to Jobs for which you must have a medical examination.

If your stay will last more than six months You should have a medical evaluation if, in the one year before the day you applied for entrance into Canada, you must have lived or temporarily stayed for six or more consecutive months in one of the approved countries or territories. This is true even if you are a citizen of a nation from which you may enter Canada without a visa. You are moving to Canada to work in a field where maintaining public health is crucial. For further information, see Jobs for which you must have a medical examination.

The application process for Medical examination

  • Fill out a form for online information for each individual. (Adults and kids)
  • Include a scanned copy of each person’s relevant passport with this application. (Adults and kids)
  • Any confirmation of IME, UMI, or UCI number obtained from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) should be included in this application form. These codes serve as distinct client IDs and can be found on any official papers you get.
  • After receiving all of this data, a representative will get in touch with you through email to set up an appointment using the appointment option you indicated.
  • The total medical, which includes the medical examination, X-rays, and any necessary blood tests, should take each patient between 1 and 1.5 hours.

What conditions must be met to apply for permanent residence in Canada?

  • According to the immigration rules for Canada, you and your family members must be in good health.
  • To make sure that your present or anticipated medical concerns won’t cause problems for the Canadian Health or Social Services, they do your checkup alongside your family members.

Important Note: Following the medical examination, those with illnesses, medical problems, or psychological issues that need hospitalization and ongoing medical treatment are often deemed inadmissible to Canada.

How much do the medical tests cost you?

A series of medical exams will cost you between 5000 and 9,000 INR. The X-rays and any significant blood tests would be among these.


There are many reasons why you have to apply for a medical before moving to Canada If you want any immigration services related to Canadian immigration you can please contact us Sunland Education & Immigration Consultants.



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