How Do I Apply For A Spouse Visa In Canada?

How Do I Apply For A Spouse Visa In Canada?

International students’ Spouse Visa In Canada with an open work permit.

Only if a foreign student is qualified will Canada allow them to bring their spouse or common-law partner on an open work permit. The spouse receives an open work permit, is allowed to live with his or her partner and work full time. We will learn more about How Can I Apply Spouse Visa For Canada in this post as well as the paperwork needed, qualifications, processing times, and other important details to apply for a spouse’s open work visa as an international student in Canada advisors to the registered agent.

OPEN Work Permit: What Is It?

A temporary work permit known as an open work permit (OWP) enables the applicant to work full-time in any Canadian province. The holders of work permits may work in nearly any profession for which they previously received academic credit in their home country. As a result, no specific occupations are named for the open work permit, but it is clear that jobs in the health care industry require additional medical checks. The international student can use this additional benefit to pay for family expenditures while studying in Canada.


International students who are enrolled full-time and have a current study visa may get an open work permit for their spouse or common-law partner. Without a job offer, this can also be done from outside of India.

                      MODE OF APPLICATION                  ONLINE AS WELL AS OFFLINE
                          PROCESSING TIME                     APPROXIMATELY 8 WEEKS
                                  VALIDITY        TILL SPONSOR’S STUDY PERMIT IS VALID

The spouse or common-law partners are qualified for a work permit if:

  • The international student possesses a current study visa.
  • The foreign student must be enrolled full-time in.
  1. a postsecondary public college or university.
  2. Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are awarded by a private Canadian university.

while processing the application.

  • The foreign student must continue to be enrolled in school.
  • Before applying for any type of work in Canada, one must wait for the application processing to be finished.


  • evidence that the sponsor is enrolled full-time in school in Canada  (valid study permit).
  • To substantiate your marriage, you will need a marriage certificate or documentation of your common-law relationship.
  • a copy of the applicant’s current passport.
  • a copy of the medical exam.

How Do I Apply For A Spouse Visa In Canada?

A spouse may apply for an open work visa from both inside and outside of Canada. To apply online, the applicant must set up an account on the CIC website. To apply offline, the applicant must mail a paper application to the Canadian IRCC location. Applying online is always practical for a quicker procedure.


  • Simple and practical procedure.
  • Make sure the application is accurate and full.
  • If any further documents are needed, they can easily be uploaded.
  • The updates are simply absorbed.


  • First, fill out a form on the CIC website to determine your eligibility and acceptability.
  • The questionnaire includes a personal reference code that must be kept private.
  • Create an account on the website using the UCI number that is listed on the sponsor’s study permission.
  • Carefully upload all the necessary paperwork.
  • Await the work permit’s approval.


You receive full instruction from an immigration agent while you apply for an open work visa. They assist you in appropriately uploading all of the paperwork. The top immigration consultants in Chandigarh are Sunland Education & Immigration Consultants. If you want to live with your spouse, we can assist you in successfully submitting an application for an open work visa.


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