Colleges in Vancouver

Colleges in Vancouver

The Ministry of Education in British Columbia oversees elementary and secondary education, while the Ministry of Advanced Education, Training, and Technology oversees post-secondary education. Children are required to attend school between the ages of five and sixteen (Kindergarten through Grade 10) in British Columbia. Parents can pick from a variety of Vancouver Colleges and can decide whether to educate their children in English or French.

The British Columbia Ministry of Education mandates that students take five provincial exams in English 10, math 10, science 10, social studies 11, and English 12 in grades 10, 11, and 12. These particular tests must be written and passed to graduate. Students may choose to take additional provincial examinations that are optional. Scholarships may be given and your final grade may go up if you take these optional examinations, however, bear in mind that these are challenging exams and this seldom happens. If you perform poorly on the exam, the drawback can be a reduction in your final grade.

Higher education in Canada is not federally accredited, although it is somewhat similar to education in the US and draws influences from the British system. In Canada, each province and territory oversees education at all levels, including higher education. This implies that the educational standards are governed by each area and province. The country’s education system offers a variety of vibrant post-high school courses to choose from.

Vancouver Colleges:






Fee Structure

General Arts &Science

Certificate from Ontario Colleges

1 year

 16,083 CAD

Pre-Health Sciences

Certificate from Ontario Colleges

1 year

13,852 CAD

Business management

Vancouver University, certificate

1 year

7,924  CAD

Legal Services

Vancouver University, certificate

1 year

23,541 CAD

Liberal Arts

Ontario Colleges, Diploma

2 years

17,024 CAD

MA in Counselling PSYSCHOLGY

Adler University

2 month/years(s)

36,830 CAD

Asian Culinary arts

Vancouver Community college

5 months ?year(s)

11,985 CAD

Why You Should Study in Vancouver?

  • Great study system: According to QS Best Student Cities 2022, Student Friendly Vancouver receives a high score of 18th in the attractiveness factor, which shows its appeal among potential students and all-around great quality of life. This is a fantastic incentive to attend a Vancouver college.
  • Great working opportunities: The top institutions in Vancouver, Canada, provide graduates who are hired by prestigious companies. One of the top 50 cities in the world for employer activity is Vancouver. According to the Vancouver Economic Commission, one of the key drivers of the province’s GDP is the technology sector in Vancouver.
  • Adversity in Culture: In its metropolitan region, Vancouver has little over 2 million residents. Immigration has substantially expanded during the past 30 years, increasing the city’s cultural diversity. International students may thus enjoy a distinctively cosmopolitan experience while attending the leading institutions in Vancouver.
  • Safety for Students: One of the main issues that all students have is safety. Well, research indicates that Vancouver has excellent overall well-being and security. There is a zero-tolerance stance against crimes and prejudice in Vancouver, which boasts a varied population, regardless of color, caste, religion, or ethnicity. Because of the city’s low crime rate, both residents and students may feel safer there. They may stroll around any part of the city at any hour and take in the nightlife of Vancouver.
  • Part-time jobs: International students are permitted to work part-time jobs in Canada to fund their education. While their studies are in session, students are permitted to work up to 20 hours a week. Students are permitted to work up to 30 hours per week during their summer and winter holidays. They can choose to work either on-campus, such as in the administrative offices or libraries or off-campus, such as at Subway or computer laboratories.


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