We are SUNLAND EDUCATION & IMMIGRATION Advisors, Best Student Visa Consultants In Chandigarh. Because we think that directing students in the proper direction can help shape their future, we are the most dependable and sincere student visa experts in Chandigarh. By directing students to the appropriate learning environment, we hope to advance their professional lives. We are aware of the fervour that study abroad hopefuls possess, thus we offer them professional assistance to help them accomplish their objective. The goal of Sunland is to dominate the immigration market by offering the best and most cheap study visa consulting.

We offer study visa consultants for nations like:-

For the best colleges in the aforementioned nations, we are providing the best education consulting services. We make sure that our pupils receive the greatest education possible and are free from potential difficulties.


Being affiliated with some of the best colleges in the world, we are one of the top international education advisors. Our study visa services are carried out in the following nations:

A group of eight universities known as the Group of 8 are located throughout Australia. This nation offers pupils a fantastic platform to succeed in the future and advance their careers. The globe generally accepts Australian degrees.

Even with poor academic or IELTS scores, one might aim to study in New Zealand. Leading colleges and universities can be found in New Zealand. Opportunities for post-study employment are good too.

Canada, which is honourably recognised as the “country of immigrants,” is the top choice for international students. It is a nation with many work prospects and offers students a safe environment in which to study and develop as people.

Possessing a British degree is an honour. It is also regarded as one of the best places to study. The research infrastructure at UK universities is robust.

You will become more distinctive in the globe if you get a degree from an American university. It is renowned for having the world’s greatest and most distinctive educational system.

The most economical education is available in European nations. The IELTS exam is not required in Europe either. Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Greece, Ukraine, Finland, Croatia, Malta, Cyprus, Slovenia, and Latvia are the nations we work with in Europe.

In South Korea, you can earn a high pay along with a cheap education. The options for post-study work are excellent. There are many opportunities for permanent residency.

The best education is available here at reasonable costs. Singapore places a high value on education.

Why are Sunland-Chandigarh the best consultants for student visas?

  • We have relationships to some of the best universities in the world.
  • Through a series of interviews conducted by our qualified academic counsellors, we examine a student’s profile.
  • Depending on the student’s selected location, we recommend the best and most economical universities.
  • By meeting all of our customers’ requests and desires, we provide for their needs.
  • We support our clients all the way through the application for a student visa.
  • We also offer coaching for PTE and Ielts.
  • We guarantee complete openness in the visa application procedure.
  • Our highly qualified visa counsellors are excellent at what they do, helping our clients realise their dreams.
  • We have been Chandigarh’s most dependable source for study visa advice and assistance for the past 20 years.

Our Services:-

  • Higher education planning: Based on your academic performance, abilities, and interests, our advisers will examine your profile and recommend the best study options for you.
  • Choice of nation and academic programmes: Our advisors will individually assist you in selecting the ideal university and course for your needs.
  • Getting ready to apply for a study visa: Our visa agents give you the most precise advice on how to get ready to apply for your study visa.
  • In case the embassy requests that the student appear in person for the interview, we also prepare our students for embassy interviews.
  • Assistance with travel arrangements: We also help our students book hotels and plane tickets.

Institute for IELTS & PTE coaching:-

Students who want to study abroad can also receive IELTS & PTE coaching from Sunland Chandigarh. We are the top IELTS training centre in Chandigarh and have assisted thousands of students in getting the band score they were hoping for.

  • We have highly qualified instructors that are familiar with the format of the exams and how to instruct the pupils.
  • We provide pupils a tonne of current practise materials.
  • We have modern labs and libraries to create a welcoming environment for students.
  • Weekly practise exams are given to students to assess their readiness and provide detailed feedback.
  • We train the students to achieve the desired band score and successful results, making us the finest IELTS coaching centre in Chandigarh.


Sunland-Chandigarh is the ideal platform for all your needs if you wish to realise your goal of studying abroad. We give our customers the most accurate information possible so they can complete the study visa application process without any problems. For the best services, please visit Sunland Education & Immigration Consultants.


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