Study in Canada:

Study in Canada:

If you wish to study in Canada, you need to apply for Study visa (study permit). The study permit is a document we issue that allows foreign nationals to study at designated learning institutions (DLIs) in Canada. It is required for the courses that are longer than 6 months. However, Study visa is advised even for the course that has a duration of less than 6 months. Students must submit their minimum bank balance to proof the funds and expenses for their living and studies.

Study program Tuition fees (per year, CAD$)
Undergraduate programs $12,000- $30,000
Postgraduate programs $18,000
Engineering & medicine courses $5,500- $6,500
Humanities, Business & management $5,500- $6,500
Humanities, Business & management $5,500- $6,500
Visual and performing arts $5,000- 5,00
MBA $28,000
Engineering $19,301
Nursing $47,2800

Part time jobs in Canada:

You can cover your living expenses by working part time. According to new rules by the Canadian government, Student visa allows you to work for 40 years per week.

Intake Duration Popularity
Fall intake September- December/January The most popular among students to get an admission in Canadian universities.
Winter intake January- May Students who miss applying in fall intake mostly apply in winter intake.
Spring/Summer intake May- August This intake allows to take  only a restricted number of courses.

Eligibility Criteria:

Educational Qualification:

  • The minimum requirement to apply for a university of Canada is that the individual must have scored at least 50% from a recognized university.
  • If there is a gap year, the reasons must be stated with valid proofs. For example, study gap due to medical issues should be provided with appointment dates/ medical records, etc.
  • The individual must not have more than 10 backlogs in his/her graduation period.

Student applicant:

  • Student must be over 18 years of age.
  • Students can work for up to 40 hours per week. However, you can work full time during breaks such as winter or summer break (without the need for a work permit).


  • Valid Passport
  • Attested copies of 10th, 12th and Degree certificates
  • Academic references – 2
  • Employer references – 2
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose)
  • Certificates of extracurricular achievements
  • An acceptance letter from your education institution
  • Proof of payment
  • Proof of financial funds
  • Passport size photographs
  • Study Permit and visa
  • English Proficiency
  • Your University will make you aware of additional requirements if any prior to your application

English language requirements:

The student must be proficient in English. To fulfil this requirement, the individual must have appeared for an IELTS or PTE exam. The band score is then added to the study visa application.

Student visa and dependents:

A student with student visa can also be accompanied by their children or their spouse. The spouse of the main applicant can apply for spouse visa which allows them to travel to Canada along with the applicant. However, if the spouse wants to study in Canada, they will have to apply for a separate study visa.

The children of the applicant can stay in the country for the duration till their study visa is valid. Moreover, if the children are minor, they can also pursue their school education in the country. The child must be below the age of 22. Children who are more than the age of 22 and are not financially independent due to physical or mental condition are considered as dependents.

Benefits of studying in Canada:

Scholarships to study in Canada

You may be eligible for a scholarship, fellowship or grant to study in Canada. The Government of Canada, and many educational institutions offer funding for international students. Many colleges and universities also offer scholarships.


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