PR visa to Canada

Fees for India’s PR visa to Canada in 2023

Fees for India’s PR visa to Canada in 2023

One of the most well-liked countries for immigrants to settle in is Canada. It is not surprising that so many individuals opt to relocate to Canada given the country’s welcoming and multicultural society, robust economy, and high standard of living. Express Entry is one of the most often used methods for obtaining Permanent Residence In Canada. Express Entry is a mechanism that is intended to expedite the processing of skilled worker applications, making it simpler for qualified people to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

You have chosen to apply for a Canada PR Visa even though the fee varies depending on the immigration program. There are several immigration routes leading to a PR visa for Canada, and each one has its requirements and procedures.

The government processing costs that must be included with your PR visa application are determined by IRCC. Depending on the program you apply for and the number of accompanying family members, the total cost of obtaining a PR visa is determined. The IRCC may modify these fees at any time and without prior notice.

What is the cost of a Canada PR visa application?

The cost of a Canada PR Visa varies depending on the key immigration programs you have applied for. Depending on the immigration class, fees may vary. By preparing the Canada PR Visa with the various Canadian immigration classifications, we have reduced the cost.

Business immigration fees  

The cost breakdown for those who want to immigrate to Canada using the Investor, Entrepreneur, or Self-Employed components is as follows:


Fees (CAD)

Fees (INR)

Principal Applicant


98,865 INR


Addition $850

Addition 51,714 INR

Dependent youngster

Addition per Child $250

Addition per Child  15,210 INR

The following fees apply to the programs for Canadians seeking:

  • Express Entry Program
  • Quebec Skilled Workers
  • Provincial Nominee Programs, and
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program
Application  Fees (CAD) Fees (INR)

Processing fee of Application


51,714 INR

Right of Permanent Residence Fees


31,389.25 INR

Dependent Child (under 22 years)

$230 per Child

14,018.5 INR

Family Sponsorship Processing fees:

You must pay the following fees to the IRCC if you wish to sponsor your family members for a Canada PR visa:


Fees (CAD)

Fees (INR)

(Principal application fee, sponsorship fee, and RPRF fee) Spouse or common-law partner


65,782.8 INR

Dependent Child (under 22 years)

$150 per Child

9,136.5 INR

Parent or grandparent Sponsorship:


Fees (CAD)

Fees (INR)

Grandparent or parent (RPRF fee, sponsorship fee, and principal applicant fee)


65,782.8 INR

Your parent’s or grandparent’s spouse or common-law partner


66,087.35 INR

a dependent grandchild or parent of yours


9,441.05 INR

What settlement money is necessary for a Canada PR visa?

You will need to provide evidence that you will be able to support yourself or any accompanying family members for the transfer to Canada if you apply for a Canada PR Visa under the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) or Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP). IRCC revises its settlement money for Canada PR Visa every year

The most recent evidence of money needed for a Canada PR visa is shown in the following table:

Number of Family members

Funds (CAD) & (INR)


13,757 (CAD)   &  837,801.3 INR


17,127(CAD) & 1,043,034.3 INR


21,055 (CAD)& 1,282,249.5 INR


25,564 (CAD)& 1,556,847.6 INR


28,994 (CAD)& 1,556,847.6 INR


33,700 (CAD)&  2,052,330 INR


 36,407 (CAD)&2,217,186.3 INR

Additional Family Member

 3,706 (CAD) & 225,695.4 INR


So here we talk about all the fee structures of the Canada PR visa. So if you are interested in for applying Canada Pr you can apply from Sunland Education & Immigration Consultants, Chandigarh.




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