INTAKES                                    :            Korean Language Intake : 4 Intakes (March,June ; Sept; Dec)

Degree Programs Intake   :            2 Intakes ( March ; September)

COURSES                                 :             Bachelor of Business Administration (4 Years), Bachelor of Hotel Management (4 years),Post Graduate Programs


Korean Language Programs       :             $ 2500 ( 6 months)

$ 5000 ( 1 year)

Undergraduate Programs           :            $ 5000 per semester

Postgraduate Programs              :            $ 6000 per semester

Study in South Korea


1). Application Form

2). All Academic Documents

3). Personal Statement and study Plan

( To be provided on the format provided by KU)

4). Affidavit of Support

( To be provided on the format provided by KU)

5). Certificate of Family relation

6). Bank statement of 6 months (Over$10,000)

(Sponsor should be parents)

7). Passport copy

8). Medical Check-up report. Must cover

a). HIV Type 1/ Type 2

b). Liver function test- HBsAg (Hepatitis “B”)

Hepatitis C-Virus (HCV)

c). Tuberculosis: X-ray chest

d). Syphilis

Note : A). All the documents must be translated into English and be notarized and attested by the Korean Embassy.

B). All the documents should be Appostilled.


  1. Vfs New Delhi
  2. Embassy fees below Rs. 5000/- (Approx).
  3. Base Application charge For Student                                –  5,29,000 KRW
  4. Student + Additional Application charge 18 and over   –  6,75,000 KRW
  5. Student + Additional Applicant charge under 18            –  9,22,000 KRW
  6. Visa Processing time – Normal 5 working days
  7. Express 2 working days

Photo Specification

  1. No more than 6-months old
  2. 35-40mm in width
  3. Taken against a bright background
  4.  Close up of your head and top of your shoulders so that your face takes up 70 -80% of the photograph
  5. In sharp focus and clear Of high quality with no ink marks or creases

NOTE : The Kyungdong University opened campus in INDONESIA. The UMS (University of Muhammadiyah Surakarta) in Indonesia, where BBA (business administration) and VBSC (Smart Computing) in the English medium of instruction.

The students are allowed to transfer to Kyungdong University any time after 1 year. The fees are much cheaper and 50% scholarship are given to all when they transfer to Korea.

The same courses as KDU’s are running. Therefore, full credit transfer is guaranteed by KDU.

The campus is called UKACC (UMS-KDU Academic Collaboration Center). The entry requirements are a bit relaxed from KDU’s. Therefore those students who failed to enter KDU are encouraged to apply.

For more further information Visit us at our Co-operate office at following address:-

SCO – 260, Sector 32-D, Chandigarh

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