How can I apply for Australia PR?

How can I apply for Australia PR?

Australia is also known as ‘the land Down Under’ because of its position in the southern hemisphere. European explorers discovered Australia when they searched for land under the continent “Asia”. Before Australia was discovered, it called Terra Australis Incognita the unknown southern land.

Some interesting facts about Australia

  • Capital of the country – Canberra
  • Largest city –   Sydney
  • Dialing code –   +61
  • Currency                  –    Australian Dollar
  • Population (2019) –    25,313,908
  • Official language –   English
  • National animal –   Kangaroo
  • National bird –   EMU
  • Government –   Federal Parliamentary  constitutional monarchy

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Value of Australian Passport

Australian Passport is an extremely powerful passport, holds 7th rank in the world. Australian Passport holders can visit 183 countries without any visa or visa on arrivals like Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Fiji, New Zealand, Finland France, Italy, Norway, United Kingdom, and others.

What is meant by Australia PR?

Australia’s Permanent Residency permits you to work and settle permanently in Australia for a period of 5 years. You can change your PR status into a citizen after a period of 3 years of formal work. You can also move along with your family once you get a PR visa for Australia.

The procedure of applying for Australia Permanent residency

You can follow the following steps to get Australia Permanent Residency:-

  1. Step 1- is to check your eligibility, whether you are eligible or not for the Australia PR.
  2. Step 2- is very crucial as you have to apply for migration skill assessment through the designated authority.
  3. Step 3- is to submit Expression of Interest (EOI)
  4. Step 4- within 60 days of acceptance of your EOI, you are required to apply your visa online with all the mandatory documents needed at the time of filling visa.

Cost for an Australia Permanent Residency (2019)

  • For the primary applicant, the processing expenses for Australia Permanent Residency is 4,045 Australian Dollars or 1, 95,000 Indian Rupees.
  • The visa cost for Dependent visa applicant over 18 years is 1876 Australian dollar or 95, 180 in Indian currency.
  • The visa cost for Dependent visa applicant under 18 years is Australian dollar 940 or 48, 000 Indian Rupees.

Important Note:- This fees doesn’t include the fees of skilled assessment, that may vary according to your occupation.

What is the point based system in Australia?

For each applicant who wants to apply for the  Australia Permanent Residency Visa, they are evaluated based on certain factors like age, proficiency in English, qualification, work experience, Australian educational qualification and many more. You need at least 65 points to fill your visa application for Australia Permanent Residency.

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What is the processing time for the Permanent Residency in Australia?

There are various stages to find out the exact processing time for the PR application. Each and every processing stage has a different time period. Below is a tentative processing time for the Permanent Residency in Australia:-


  1. Skill Assessment: At this stage, you need to get your education and work experience assessed. This has to be done only with the guidance of a designated skill assessment body. As quick you provide all the documents, you will obtain the result faster. Normally, the processing time for skill assessment ranges from 45 days to 60 days.
  2. Expression of Interest: EOI means you have to prove your interest in Australia that why you want to move specifically in that country. This is done to be on Australia’s official website – Skill select. Your eligibility score is the main benchmark for this stage. The higher the score is, the higher the chance exists for your Invitation to apply. So, the processing time for this stage completely depends upon your score.
  3. Visa Application Submission: After ITA is received; you must submit your visa application to DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection). This has to be done 60 days before the Invitation to Apply is received. Also, if any, dependents are going along with and you need to update information about them.
  4. Verification and Medicals: This stage takes a longer time as compared to others. Medical and character certificates take a little bit longer time. Hence, it is recommended for the applicants to apply for verification and medicals as soon as possible after receiving an ITA. This results in the submission of faster visa approval.
  5. Visa Approval: After submitting the mandatory documents, the DIBP do thorough research. Once, they get satisfied with your provided details; you will have your visa grant. This usually takes 3 – 5 months.
  6. Preparation for Departure: After your visa approval, you will have 6 months to migrate to Australia.


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